Duty calls and I found myself riding to a church in Paddington at 6 in the morning to film this video about a new rave scene that is taking over the world and has now hit Sydney…the early morning rave – Morning Gloryville.

Reading the advertisement beforehand I thought this would be a bit of a wank, but I have to say the good vibes coming from everyone in attendance was addictive and I left 3 hours later pretty happy with the world…so, I guess it works!

This is the first thing I shot with my new Sony AX-100. Gotta say I’m disappointed with the amount of grain in the footage. BUT, I was in a huge rush and shot everything on auto except focus.

I’d like to have time over again to try out the low lux setting, set the gain myself and to put the footage through Neat Video in post as well.

Basically, the auto setting for gain is out of control!

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