Hike: The Larapinta Trail

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Took some time off in July and headed up to the Northern Territory to hike the Larapinta Trail – 240-odd kms with sidetrips.

I hiked the first week alone then met up with a couple of mates for the second half.

I chose to do the hike from west to east, starting at Redbank Gorge and finishing up back Alice Springs because a) I wanted the harsh afternoon sun to be on my back instead of in my eyes and b) there’s something great about walking back into civilisation after a long hike!

Am writing a piece about it for work giving my thoughts on everything from the advantages of hiking solo vs in a group, to blister maintenance, to the joy of leaving technology behind…but for now here’s the vid.

Apart from a couple of drone shots I got later, everything was shot handheld on my Panasonic GH5 with the kit 12-60 lens and the Laowa UWA 7.5mm. I’d hardly used the camera before going on the Trail, so this was a hell of a test for it. Am pretty happy with it, will post a link here to my thoughts about the GH5 as an outdoor camera.

Equipment used:
Panasonic GH5
Laowa 7.5mm
DJI Phantom 4

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